Friday, March 7, 2008

They are Sisters, Not Clones

So I have 2 daughters. Isabel. Alexis. Born almost 22 months apart. They are not twins. They were not some scientific cloning experiment. So why has it taken me 10 months to figure out that they. are. DIFFERENT?!?!?!?!

Pregnancy: Isabel - surprise; Alexis - not really
Nausea: I - hardly threw up; A - threw up the whole pregnancy, including in the delivery room
Nursing: I - initial challenge in hospital, at home, no problems; A - latched on immediately, got home, Pain, lots of Pain
Size: I - could nickname her Twiggy; A - did nickname her Buddha
Hair: I- blonde and straight; A - brunette and curly
Personality: I - non-stop energy; A - thoughtful observer
Crawling: I - practically skipped it; A - very happy with ability to crawl anywhere, through anything
Walking: I - 9 1/2 months; A - not yet
Weaning: I - cooperated with Mommy's very strategic plan at 1 year;
A - had her own plan at 10 months

*Note: I started writing this 2 weeks ago and am just getting around to posting it now.


Kate said...

My girls are night and day as well. Just when you think you've got everything figured out as a parent, God sends you another unique, little miracle to mix things up!

Kristina said...

My first two were so night and day (literally-one was blond and the other had black hair and dark red skin for about 6 months) that a woman asked my friend if they had different fathers (which would have been quite a scandal since the first one is OBVIOUSLY my husband's.)LOL

Then, we had another one. I was hoping for a girl. But, after I cried for 30 minutes (I had an ultrasound so I wouldn't cry when he was born), I decided it would be fun to see if he was similar to either of them. He's a nice mixture, yet unique as well.

Ebeth said...

My girls are 22 months apart too! With all 4 of my pregnancies, I was sicker than a dog! So, when I had #3, I figured that I could safely say we were done........but 13 months later God had another plan!

Both of mine are blonde, blue-eyed, and determined. However, one is very focused on getting her school work completed all in one stride and the older one constantly needs breaks, diversions, and change of scenery.

Great meeting you!