Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Spying on my Kids

A couple of years ago, when we were getting ready for Alexis' arrival and transitioning Isabel from the crib to a toddler bed, we started using a video monitor. The house we were living in was old and had some creaky stairs and floors, so we wanted to minimize our trips upstairs to check on where Isabel was in her room with her new ability to leave her bed. Even though it was great, I still felt a little bit guilty, like we had been sucked into the latest gadget trend. (My hubby is a total gadget guy, by the way.) When Alexis was born, we bought a second camera so we could have one on Isabel's bed and one on Alexis' crib. I definitely learned to love the cameras! Not only could we check on the girls, but sometimes I found myself just looking at their angelic faces while they slept. But tonight has topped even that. A couple of weeks ago, we bought a new bed for Alexis and she has actually done pretty well at sleeping through the night in it, with a few exceptions. Tonight, though, despite being tired all day (she took a very short nap) she decided she was not going to go to bed. And for over an hour now, she has joined Isabel in her bed and they are having a little slumber party. Now, there is a part of me that is a little frustrated that they are not asleep in their own beds like they are "supposed" to be. But one of my greatest joys lately, has been watching my daughters play together happily and peacefully. It's as if I can visibly see the love between them. So for now, I will continue to let them have their fun, even if it means I may pay for it tomorrow with tired, cranky kids. And hopefully, I can hold on to this memory years from now, once they become emotional teenagers!


Kristina said...

But they were sleeping. The fact that Isabel is willing to comfort Alexis is wonderful. It is good that they will go to each other with their needs.

Sarah said...

Such a sweet mental picture!! What a great perspective you have...hopefully we can all cherish those precious moments and suppress our mommy tendencies to be frustrated =) Thanks for sharing!! =)