Monday, November 12, 2007


So I know there are a lot of links below. These have been accumulating since I went to Colorado and are stories/posts that struck a chord with me (even if I can't remember what all of them are right now without rereading them). I really should write a little blurb letting you know about each one and possibly categorize them, but I probably shouldn't take the time for that right now. I'll just do a better job next week. Maybe this will give you some insight into what my brain waves look like, CRAZY and all over the place! Enjoy!

It's Beginning to Look a Lot Like Holiday
What Would Richard Simmons Do?
A Few Cobwebs
Breastfeeding Against Cancer
Mom's Pyramid
Abortion Suffering and Chinese Widow
Archbishop Chaput Talks About Certain
Women You are Beautiful and Precious
Everything That Is Good Comes From God
Huckabee on Whether Mormons are Christian
Keeping the Big Picture In Mind
Supermom is Dead or at Least Napping
Politics of Poppycock
I Caught You
In Honor of Saints
Definition of Happiness
Send Christmas Greeting to Wounded Soldier
Morning Sickness
Real Life Love

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