Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Going the Wrong Way

I know, I know…You are all thinking the new girl didn’t last long right? I apologize for my absence.

In case you missed it, 2 weeks ago there was a little game on tv. You know, Game 1 of the World Series. So as Coloradans (yes I looked that term up) were flocking to Boston, my family and I were traveling to Denver for my brother’s wedding. We proudly sported our Red Sox gear, but to our surprise and some disappointment, no one called us out on it when we arrived in Denver. Yes, we did get stared at a lot, but no one said anything to us except the guy at the rental car place who asked us cheerily who we were rooting for. We just smiled. Now I knew we wouldn’t get the same reaction as a Yankee fan would in Boston, but we were kind of hoping for something. Even as we payed every toll to the Rockies gear wearing toll collectors, we thought surely someone would say something. But no. So after expressing our disappointment at the lack of razzing to our friends and family throughout all the wedding festivities, the only thing we all could come up with was that Rockies fans were just so shocked and excited to be in the World Series, they just didn’t care. And then of course the Sox brought out their brooms and the Series was over.

I do have to say that this past Friday as I was entering a restaurant with my parents and daughters for dinner, a man held the door for me and then said, “I wouldn’t do this if you weren’t holding that baby.” I had my Red Sox hat on J So finally, someone had the guts to say something and he couldn’t believe that he was the first.

One more thing about the Red Sox, I’m sorry if you are sick of hearing about them. I have to give some credit to my daughters for their past couple of wins. You see, we moved to Boston in the summer of ’04, I was lucky enough to go to Game 5 of the ALCS against the Yankees, which is when I realized I was pregnant (another story to be told later), and then we went on to win that year after 86 years of the curse. Then my second daughter was born in the spring of 07 and now here we are, with another championship in the same year. So you see, although they may not have had everything to do with the wins, in my mind, they were the little extra something that made it all possible. GO SOX!!!

This picture was obviously taken earlier in the season, but gives a good idea of what I'm talking about.


Kristina said...

So, get busy procreating!

Oh, can't you do anything for the Bruins?

We went to a Red Sox/Orioles game in '05 and were a bit worried about all our Red Sox gear. We weren't the only fans there, though. In fact, we outnumbered the Orioles fans. So...

patjrsmom said...

Hi! I'm new to your blog, but had to comment on the Red Sox game. My son's godmother (from Natick) was in town (Chicago) to celebrate Halloween parties and such with us. But everything took a back seat when "the game" came on at night. She and I sat up and watched them win it all together-I'm a closet Red Sox fan in a houseful of fans of those "other" Sox...