Thursday, January 3, 2008

Where Did December Go?

So I realize I haven't written anything of my own here for a couple of weeks. It's been pretty crazy around here and when I start thinking about something to write, I just never put it to paper. And then of course I forget. (BTW, I've "written" some GREAT posts in my head at night as I fall asleep. Too bad I can't download my brain directly to my computer.) So where did December go? Well, there was the big trip to Disney World. Thank you for all of you who were thinking about us and praying for my girls. Everything went well, everyone ate well, and my Texan in-laws even survived the snow storms back here in Boston.

Tom and I at the luau at the Polynesian Resort.

After we got back, we had a quickly thrown together celebration for the Feast of Our Lady of Guadalupe. It definitely did not turn out how I was planning back in November, but there was good food and good friends and that's what matters, right? It was our first feast celebration and I'm glad we attempted something. (My motto for 2008 is "Baby Steps".)

A few days later, sadly, my grandmother had a stroke. This changed my perspective a bit as I was stressing (shocker) about hosting my first Christmas with my parents coming to visit. Now my dad was off to see my grandmother and we weren't sure what was going to happen for Christmas. Long story grandmother is doing fairly well, has been moved to a rehab center which she is supposed to be leaving mid-Jan and my parents made it to Boston for Christmas. Of course my stress resumed as I was feeling the need to "prove something" during our Christmas celebration but without getting into any gory details, we survived. The girls both managed to be sick, but in decent spirits, and there were no major disasters.

The New Year proved to be pretty calm. We didn't get together with our friends on New Year's Eve because the girls (and Tom by this point) were sick, so we suffered alone as Air Force lost their bowl game...crummy game. New Year's Day we went to Mass and lunch and hit the mall for a couple of things we needed. We came home and Tom and his parents set up our first video conference over the computer. (Tom's parents bought him computer cameras over a year ago so that he could see the girls when he is out of town, and we just got to setting them up.) After a lot of "learning" the girls got to see their Texas family. It was pretty cool.

We finally put the Christmas cards in the mail today and are trying to get the New Year off to a good start while not freezing in our single digit weather. Hopefully, in a few days Alexis will be completely back to good health and maybe I will have survived it all without getting sick (a small miracle, no doubt). I hope you are all having a great start to 2008!


patjrsmom said...

Hope you are all feeling better soon. We were hit with sickness through most of the end of December as well. But the kids seem to be getting better just in time for school to resume! ;-)


Kristina said...

Merry Christmas!!!! Happy New Year. I'm glad your grandmother is doing well. Hope everyone in your family is back up to par soon. I so totally understand the going to sleep writing posts. Too bad I can't remember them when I wake up. They're always really, really good ones!;)