Thursday, April 17, 2008


On Saturday, I will have been blogging for 6 months. I have "met" some incredible people and learned a lot from them. I've had some very high moments, when I've felt great about posts and had great comments, but I've also had some lows, when I wonder why the heck am I even doing this. I happen to be in one of those lows right now, feeling that I don't have much to offer on my blog and sooo many other things I should be doing instead.

So I'm asking you, the few who will read this, is there anything you would like me to blog about? Why do you visit this blog? I don't mind if you answer anonymously. I think I am so accustomed to receiving feedback from school and when I used to work, that sometimes I feel lost without any. Maybe this is my way of dealing with that.

I may delete this post tomorrow after I realize how pitiful it probably sounds.


Margaret Mary Myers said...

Hi Stina,

I think I "met" you because you had commented on something at my blog. It was just about the time that my son decided to go into the Air Force, and it was such a comfort to feel like I know someone who is also Air Force...and who is a Catholic mom like me (though a "little" bit younger than I am :) ).

I think when we share through our blogs we are sharing a bit of who we are, and that enriches others. I think that's a good thing, unless we have other things that require our time and attention more.

Do whatever you feel is best but thank you for sharing of yourself. It's great knowing you.

Michelle said...

I too "met" you after a comment you left on my blog. I'm happy to develop a "relationship" via blogging with someone who regularly reads me. I have non-bloggers (strangers) who comment or send me emails, and I'm happy to receive that attention, but I always feel it's a bit one-sided. They know so much more about me than I could ever know about them. If you leave a comment, I say, "Oh, I know Stina."

Of course, that's not necessarily a good reason to blog!

Why do you blog? Many people have different motives and so their blogs will have a different focus.

Some people blog to hone their writing skills. Some people blog for community. Some people have an axe to grind. Some people want to use their blog to teach.

For me, my blog is primarily a way to keep friends and family up to date on our lives. It's a memory book for me and my kids. That strangers read me boggles my mind, but I deeply appreciate the community and the new friendships. Some bloggers I have met and now consider the IRL friends. Others I may never meet, but nonetheless consider them friends of the heart.

If you want to blog, consider what your motive is and primarily blog to that end. You do not have to blog daily, but regularity (weekly?) is nice for other bloggers who want to stay in touch.

Stina said...

Thank you for indulging me in my pity party. Don't worry, it's over now.

patjrsmom said...

Hi Stina,

I can't remember when or where I *met* you, but I am just happy to say that I did!

Blogging is something different to everyone, I think. And when you know what it is for you, you'll know what you should do.

I'm glad to read a subsequent post, this morning, however...leading me to think that you might just stick it out another six months or so...

God Bless,

Kristina said...

I read your blog because you have become my friend. I enjoy reading your thoughts-great and small. Thank you for being here.