Sunday, May 11, 2008

Do You Know Where Your Husband Is?

It's almost 10 and my better half is out laying mulch.

Did I mention how much I love moving?


patjrsmom said...

Oh man! This reminds me of one of our DITY moves, when the Captain rented a truck that was 4 feet smaller than really necessary...Needless to say, I recall a very tired and very disgruntled man putting the disassembled pieces of a Weber grill in any nook and crannie he could find on said inadequate truck before closing the door once and for all.

Happy Mother's Day!


Kristina said...

Happy Mother's Day! And, no, since Gary's going through a school that frequently includes late nights, I don't know where he is at 10:). It won't be long, now. You're almost there!

Kat said...

That is a TRIP! That is going to be a classic picture, when you think back on this move. Hug yourself for me!

Anonymous said...

Your husband must be related to mine.