Thursday, May 1, 2008

Mass Happenings

Tom is out of town, so we went to the 9am Mass this morning. I guess I have never done that for a Holy Day during the school year before.

- Young gentleman dressed in business attire holds doors for us as we enter church.

- Entered church, thought it wouldn't be all that full today, so we could sit a little further forward than usual so Isabel could see more. Wondered why so many people were sitting so far back.

- Sat a few pews behind nice young gentleman, hoping he would not be annoyed by small children.

- School children start entering church. Realize why so many people were sitting so far back.

- Wonder if we should move. More school children enter. Nice young gentleman moves.

- Start packing up all of our stuff. More school children enter. Start filling our pew.

- We move. Right behind nice young gentleman.

- During homily, Father asks school children questions about Ascension, Pentecost, etc... Isabel does not understand concept of raising hands to answer questions, thinks children are waving hello to Father. Proceeds to wave hello for duration of homily, waiting for Father to respond.

- Giving up, Isabel begins to practice genuflecting in aisle and entering pew.

- Isabel tells me she has "poot." Realizing this is not a scene I want made with school children nearby to distract, we go change diapers. Am actually relieved because correctly suspected Alexis needed new diaper, too.

- Return to pew. Decide Alexis has had to many Puffs. Take them away and give toy. Good for teething, bad for dropping. Loud. Bounces two pews ahead.

- Accept toy back from pew occupant. Embarrassed.

- Give Alexis Mommy's bracelet. She's more interested in sister's bracelet. Contentedly chews on bracelet. Quietly.

- Isabel understands certain words Father says. Repeats them while imitating arm gestures (he's Italian).

- Smell Isabel. Thankful Mass is over.


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