Friday, June 27, 2008

Blogging Live...

...from Ohio! (Tom has a wireless card for his laptop so I am actually posting this while we are driving. Crazy!) We drove out of our driveway last night and made it through Connecticut and to the NY/PA state line. Today we have driven across the entire state of Pennsylvania and are almost through Ohio. We are stopping over at our friends' house (Isabel's godparents) for the night and then on the road again tomorrow. I'm very excited about tomorrow's leg, because it promises something very exciting! Are you curious? You'll have to check back to see how it goes!

*We are currently driving past what we can only imagine are windmill blades on huge trucks. Very interesting!

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Sarah Reinhard said...

Stina, dear heart, you shoulda TOLD ME you were going through Ohio ('cept it looks like you were here while I was off on my adventuring trip or recovering...but still...) :)