Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Tips for Moving with Small Children

For months I've been waiting for June to come. I am very ready for this move to happen. But now that June is here, the stress level is skyrocketing. Tom has an appointment today to set up the movers to get our stuff. We're aiming for 3 weeks from now. Ay! And of course, I've lost a weekend. (We're almost 100% recovered, thankfully.) And a new development (more to come on that later) might have us leaving earlier than planned and may even have me driving by myself with the girls before Tom can leave. Sooooo... I'm asking for any advice you may have on moving across country with 2 small children, especially from those of you who have experience. Last time we moved, we didn't have any children, so we only had to take care of ourselves and had each other to keep us entertained. Do you have tips on how much, or little, we need to take with us in the car? Obviously, I'd like to keep things as simple as possible, but I also like to be prepared. The other thing to note is that we will be able to stay with my parents until we figure out housing, so we are not in a rush. This means we may not have our household goods delivered right away. Any tips would be greatly appreciated! I really am trying to be organized about the whole thing. Thanks in advance!!!


patjrsmom said...

I would bring just enough for the number of days you'll be traveling plus one. Keep the "extra" set in a totally different bag so that if something happens to the original bag, you have a back-up (until you can get to Target or someplace like it!) Also, for us leaving in the wee hours of the morning (ie-3 or 4 am) so that when the kiddos awaken we've already got 4 or 5 hours under our belt.

Good luck~God Bless!

Michelle said...

I buy a couple new DVDs to surprise the kids in the car. I also buy a coloring book or a book to read for each kid, plus new markers, crayons or whatever.

Like me, my kids will want to munch the whole way. So, lots of snacks and drinks.

I keep one change of clothes per kid in an easy to access part of the vehicle in case of accidents. I also keep barf-clean-up supplies handy: barf bucket with lid (plastic ice cream container), lysol and paper towels.

I've had lots of success with the 4 am departure, bach music on the radio, and kids still in their PJs. They go back to sleep and 4 hours later you stop at a spot for breakfast, change clothes in the car, take a big break.

Sound blocking headphones help the non-driver adult cope with the noise...

Kristina said...

First, if you've never been on a long car trip w/ your kids, find out the proper dose of Dramamine and take it w/you just in case! We have two that get motion sickness and it is a must have! A barf preparedness kit is a great idea! I'll have to make one of those next trip.

I put a small tub of toys and books in between my kids (where they can reach them) so that they can play non-stop. Since you'll be driving a long way, I suggest leaving early morninigs so that you can stop early, too.

Send a box of toys ahead to your mom's house. You don't need much, but a little bit, anyway. We lived in TLF for 2 months and one tub of toys did it for us.

Be sure you have a variety of weather clothes so that you don't have to buy all new when the weather suddenly turns.

I second the lots of snacks and drinks. Also, instead of stopping to eat, we usually stop to play and then eat when we're back in the car. It gives them time to run around and then keeps them busy for a while in the car.

Stina said...

Thanks ladies! I was hoping to hear from you three!

My dad was a 4am kind a guy, so I understand that theory, just have to "convince" the hubby that it's worth it.

Wouldn't have thought of the "barf kit". We have been on a few 8 hour trips with no issues, but I will definitely keep this on my list.

I also like the tip about using the breaks for energy expenditure and waiting to actually eat after we were back in the car.

If you think of anything else, I'm all ears!

Kristina said...

One caveat to the 4 a.m. thing--my kids don't sleep after they get in the car. Once they're in the car, they're awake 'til we get there. So, you have to decide what is worth it to you. For me, even when they don't sleep, it is worth it to me to get up and leave early, because we're off the road by dinner time.

And, I don't get why they won't sleep. We always slept in the car.