Sunday, February 1, 2009

On my Mind

Exhaustion, nerves, depression, and the sense of disillusionment are not peculiar to the present age. These things are probably more acutely felt at the present time than at other times because everything in our highly developed society conduces toward them. If living in the senses and for the senses has produced the civilization in which we exist, it seems peculiarly futile to turn for relief and escape to those very senses that have been at the bottom of all the trouble.

A more sensible course would be to look in precisely the opposite direction and try to bathe the over-materialized spirit and not in the things of matter. Weary bodies, frayed dispositions, broken hopes, dampened enthusiasms, and so on are not likely to get much good out of excitement. That is what they are suffering from - the hollowness of a departed thrill. They will find their fruition in God, not away from Him; not in distraction, but in closer union.

If we were to realize that God is our true rest, we would waste far less time running around looking for somewhere peaceful or pleasurable here we could throw off all our cares and enjoy ourselves.

"I set the Lord always in my sight, for He is at my right hand that I may not be moved."

-Holiness for Housewives And Other Working Women by Hubert van Zeller

(emphasis mine)

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