Thursday, February 19, 2009

Small Successes-Vol 1


I figured I'd give this a go this week, so you don't think I'm totally negative about everything right now!

1. On Monday I washed every piece of regular laundry in the house (not the special hand wash stuff). This was badly needed after two weeks of illness and being just too tired to get to it.

2. See this picture.

This pile of socks has been sitting on my dresser for months. I kept thinking that I will find the matches to all of them. After #1 above, I realized this was a lost cause and I finally threw them all away! Aaahhh...detachment!

3. I had a good check-up today for the baby. Normally, I wouldn't take credit for that. But my wonderful husband continuously tells me when I'm feeling like I didn't get enough done and too tired to do anything, that of course I am doing something, I'm building a baby!

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