Friday, May 8, 2009

7 Quick Takes - The Catch Up Edition

Before I put it off any longer, I need to announce the winner to this contest. Congratulations Barbara! She wins the $20 gift card plus an extra $5 for being within half an inch of Maire's birth height.

I finally really hit the wall yesterday. I plan on writing more about it in a different post, but let's just say that my children had defeated me before I got out of bed yesterday morning. I'm trying to make today better.

We've made some real progress on our yard. I hope to post some pictures later, when things are a little more finalized, but I'm excited about the progress and being able to enjoy it all.

I'm trying to make all of the arrangements for Maire's baptism next week. The planning so far has been a bumpy road, so I'm hoping it is a little smoother this week.

Speaking of Maire, she is 6 weeks old! Can you believe it? I don't think I can. I'm also planning another post to catch you all up on her first 6 weeks. (I'm planning a lot of posts, huh?) For now, let me just say she is a beautiful blessing!

I'm struggling with cleaning out the girls closets. It's just not something I am enjoying. Alexis is between sizes, so I can't just clear all of the old and the weather has been all over the place, so I haven't been able to take all of the winter stuff out yet. (Did I mention we had two major snowstorms in April?) Progress is finally being made, though, and I hope to be done with it tomorrow.

And finally, tomorrow the whole family will be participating in the Walk MS fundraiser. This will be our first time and I am excited to get all five of out there to get some fresh air and exercise while supporting a good cause. Please pray for good weather and if you are interested in learning more or donating, you can go to this website.

Happy Mother's Day!

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