Friday, May 22, 2009

7 Quick Takes - The Struggles Edition

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I don't mean to get too down in the dumps with the title here, but this has been a hard week, unexpectedly. I think, maybe the sleep deprivation has caught up with me plus 2 major events are over with, so I think my body is crashing from the adrenaline rushes.


Probably the biggest source of my struggling right now, is potty training. You know how some people don't "do" blood? Well, I don't "do" bodily functions that require a toilet. So, this is an extra difficult "trench of Motherhood" for me to navigate. Isabel has made progress, but I really feel like I'm at the end of my rope and out of ideas on how to get her to be fully successful.


My biggest struggle with Alexis right now, besides the fact that she is TWO and acting every part of it, is her sleeping. She gets out of her bed a gazillion times, both at bed time and nap time. It's frustrating because she has always been a good sleeper, we didn't have any issues when we transitioned her to her toddler bed. I also get really upset when the other two girls are down and I could be doing something productive or sleeping myself.


After I passed my 6 week check-up, I was so ready to start working out. I got off to a great start with the 3 mile MS Walk, and then a couple of good workouts with my friend, including an amazing stair workout (I'll have to post a picture later). But then events got in the way (Isabel's recital, Maire's baptism) and I dropped the working out off of my to do list. And last week was such a hard one, I turned to food. It didn't help that I had all of the leftovers from the baptism party. Nothing left to do but start over again this week.


I've decided to take the girls on a World Tour. I needed some direction to help me with activities for the girls (an area I desperately lack in) and came across this and was very excited. Of course, then I got really serious about getting it perfect and my stress level increased. So I've been struggling with the details and probably been a little too obsessive. I just need to remember that anything the girls take out of it is a plus and there is no formal requirements to be met.


If you haven't read this post by Kate yet, go read it! It hits so close to home!


Maire has been a wonderful baby. She sleeps well and so far has only really cried if she is hungry or needs to be changed. This is where I make up my own Mommy guilt and feel bad that I may be taking her laid backness for granted and taking advantage to get things done. I'm also reading some books that are making me second guess some of my parenting "techniques" and this isn't a good thing when you are already emotionally drained and having a "bad week."

I started writing this last week, but of course, it was put on hold, like so many other things. I'm glad I decided to finish it, though. It has helped me to wrap up the bad week and start fresh again today.


Kate Wicker @ Momopoly said...

Stina, you'll be in my prayers. We're definitely in the trenches together, aren't we?


blessed said...

Stina Stina, even though I do not have kids I know I will have a have a nanny if I do cause everything you have just described scares me....YOu know how I am ...LOL.....Will keep you in prayer....Those kids have a great mama.