Monday, February 4, 2008

Global Fast

My friend just sent me this email about a charity helping you figure out how to do more with your fasting on Ash Wednesday.

Making a Global Difference
Food For The Poor has partnered with Global Fast to encourage our donors to fast and pray on behalf of the poorest of the poor this Ash Wednesday, February 6th. Global Fast is a public challenge to unite 10 million people for one day of fasting and prayer in order to feed the hungry.
By fasting for one day and donating what would have been spent on food, we can make a tremendous difference in the lives of starving children. Food For The Poor will use the funds to build fishing villages in Haiti -- the poorest country in the Western Hemisphere.
A Lenten Sacrifice
Food For The Poor fishing villages equip poor fishermen with everything needed to catch deep-sea fish that they currently cannot reach through the use of their rickety boats with no engines. Each Food For The Poor fishing village receives boats with engines, fishing and storage equipment and navigational tools.
For hungry villages in Haiti, a self-sustainable food source is considered a godsend. With such bountiful Caribbean waters surrounding them, we must offer starving Haitian families the tools necessary to feed their children.
Please take this opportunity to join with millions of others by fasting and praying on the first day of Lent -- Ash Wednesday, February 6th. And give to the poor what you would have spent on food for that day.

"This, rather, is the fasting that I wish... Sharing your bread with the hungry" (Isaiah 58:6a-7a)

Please, consider joining us for a day of fasting in order to share our abundance with those with nothing. May God bless you for your compassion.
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Ministry Watch has given FFP five stars, its highest rating.

BBB Wise Giving AllianceFFP meets the Standards for Charity Accountability.

Charity Navigator has given FFP four stars, its highest rating.
Fundraising and other administrative costs comprise less than 4%; more than 96% of all donations go directly to programs that help the poor.
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Kate said...

Food for the Poor is one of my husband and my favorite charities. Thanks for making others aware of this great cause. God bless!