Thursday, February 14, 2008

Happy St. Valentine's Day

Things are not all flowers and candy around here today. It's been kind of a rough week. Tom is super busy with work and his master's class, the girls and I have been fighting these darn colds, we've started potty training (not MY idea of a good time), and we're having some feeding issues with Alexis which is difficult by itself, but it also has brought with it some sleep shortages. So basically I'm just trying to survive the lack of sleep, the gloomy weather, and the neverending "Why?" from a 2 year old. So I apologize for not having something cute and love-inspired posted today. I especially feel bad that I have not put something wonderful to my husband here like so many of you have. I would like to say thank you to those women though, for reminding us how important it is to show our men that we appreciate them.

To end on a higher note, I will mention a couple of rays of light that have broken through my cloudy week. Yesterday afternoon, as I was about to hit my limit, I started to put a cd on for Isabel and she asked with a smile, "Jesus?" I said yes and she then sang along (better than I expected) with "Jesus Loves Me." It touched my soul. I didn't know she knew the song that well. And last week, when I was not-so-happy about waking up in the wee hours to nurse Alexis, halfway through the feeding she said "MA-MA." Needless to say, all of my annoyance was gone and my heart was smiling!

Oh, and Tom, I LOVE YOU!

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Kate said...

I think God often works through our children and allows their words and sweet gestures to inspire us when we're having a rough day. Hang in there and remember that those words your little one was singing, "Jesus loves me," and YOU!