Friday, January 9, 2009

7 Quick Takes

So I'm joining the Quick Takes bandwagon, thinking that if I post a few quick tidbits, it will help me get back into posting. I've been overwhelmed where to start back into it, so here goes...


I am very grateful that the Christmas season has passed. This is an unusual feeling for me. I'm usually overly excited for any holiday, especially Christmas. But this year I definitely had a Scrooge streak in me. I was just overwhelmed with a lot of stuff, finishing the house, making everything "special" for the girls, our little bout with the stomach virus, and an overabundance of emotional breakdowns. I am definitely feeling a little more peaceful now that all of the decorations and presents are put away.


Speaking of emotional breakdowns, this has definitely been the most emotional pregnancy for me. And it's stressing me out. Basically, I'm stressing out about stressing out, amongst the other things I stress about. It hasn't been pretty. My poor husband. He's been a wonderful supporter though, thank God!


I've also entered a stage where I'm very nervous/anxious about things. Two nights ago, for example, I lost a lot of sleep worrying about my doctors appointment yesterday. There was no solid reason for worrying, I just had a major case of the nerves. The appointment went well. I will be 30 weeks tomorrow, am measuring right on, did my glucose test, and got a flu shot. I managed to feel quite accomplished as I left the hospital.


Back to Christmas...while it may not have been MY merriest, we did do a lot of fun things to celebrate. I hope to post a recap with pictures soon.


Another post I'd like to write soon is about passing a certain age milestone. I did this over Christmas as well, which I fear had something to do with the added emotions, as hard as I tried to be realistic about it.


I am currently reading Breastfeeding and Catholic Motherhood by Sheila Kippley. Even though I have 22 months of nursing under my belt (I know, not a long time to some of you), I am still learning a lot from this book. It really has my brain spinning about a few things. I will definitely be giving it as gifts to friends when they become pregnant.


And finally, what is probably the biggest news in our house right now, Isabel has made tremendous progress potty training. I am so excited! We have had some major setbacks and I was starting to become very frustrated (I'm not much of a bodily functions kind of girl to begin with) and feel quite defeated. But now she is basically doing everything by herself, we just have to make sure she goes to the potty. She still doesn't tell us when she has to go and averages about 1 accident a day, but I will take it after this long journey we've been on. The other good news is that Alexis seems to be taking it all in, and my gut, which I don't listen to all that often, tells me that she will be much more agreeable when her time comes.


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Sarah said...

Hey Kristina...I feel your pain with the potty training. It sounds like McKenna and Isabel are sharing "keys to frustrating your mother" =) Sounds like they are at exactly the same stage...but thank GOD there is an end in sight! =) You're not alone =)