Friday, January 30, 2009

Quick Takes


I think the girls and I are finally on the road to recovery from our illnesses. They definitely had a resurgence in energy yesterday afternoon. Mommy, not so much.


My baby appointment went well yesterday. I'm measuring well and the heartbeat sounded great. We even started talking a little bit about details for the birth. (This will be my first time delivering at this hospital.) The excitement is definitely building.


Of course, getting closer to the due date is adding a little stress because we have not settled on a name yet, or godparents. We are definitely praying for the good Lord's guidance in these areas.


Another prayer of ours was answered this week, however. We went to two different Catholic pre-school open houses and it was very obvious to both Tom and I which would be better for our family. I wrote a little bit about this here, and am still wondering about what our school choice will be for Kindergarten (Catholic/public/home), but for now, I think we have settled on sending Isabel to a Catholic pre-school next year to see how it goes.


Due to Isabel's cold, and a little bit because Alexis and I aren't well either, I kept Isabel home from dance class today. It was surprisingly difficult for me to do this. Isabel LOVES dance class and I love watching her learn. But I had to remind myself of the misery that comes with having a sick child and how I didn't want the other mothers to have to deal with that.


I came across the site, String of Pearls, thanks to The Bodman Family blog. This site will truly touch your heart. Please visit it and while you're at it, say a prayer for all of the families who have to deal with this difficulty.


I think all of this illness has been a big whack on the head to slow down a little bit. I have SOOO much to do, still, the house isn't completely moved into, the girls' room isn't completely decorated, the baby's room isn't completely finished, tons of things still need to be done before the baby gets here, not to mention projects I want to do that aren't urgent. But I've also realized that there were some hidden blessings. I've seen what a wonderful caretaker my husband is. I actually rocked Alexis to sleep in the glider a couple of times. I haven't done that in over a year. I've been able to just sit and cuddle with BOTH of my children. They usually don't stop long enough to complete a hug before they are off again. Not only have I been able to reminisce a little about their time as babies, but I think it has also prepared me a little bit for the coming of our newest blessing. I'm just grateful that I was able to recognize this as the gift it is, and stop stressing over all of the other things I "should" be doing.

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Anonymous said...

String of Pearls is a wonderful group. I have never personally used them but I have read stories of those who have or almost have and I am grateful that they exist for the sake of those parents.