Monday, January 26, 2009

And The Diagnosis Is... ear AND sinus infection for my poor, sweet baby girl. Alexis has pretty much been sick since the new year. She and Isabel had colds right away, but Isabel seemed to burn right through it, and Alexis never quite got better. After waking up screaming last night with a fever, and being difficult to console, we said enough is enough and took her to the doctor's. The following things are going through my mind:

~relief that we know why she is sick and that we have some medicine.
~guilt that we may not have taken her in as soon as we should have.
~frustration at the boys next door because they have had multiple ear infections this winter.
~more guilt for taking pride in the fact that "my kids don't get ear infections."
~exhaustion and worry because I, too, am feeling under the weather and hoping it's just a little head cold.
~and a little bit more guilt that I am not keeping my kids healthy enough.

Here's praying for a healthier February!


Jane (a.k.a. patjrsmom) said...

Praying for peace for all of you, Stina!

God Bless,

Margaret Mary Myers said...

Ah, mother guilt. In some form or degree, it shall always be with us.

But memorize this and try to let it go as much as possible: We are not perfect, nor are we in control. We just have to do the best we can, with God's help, and leave the rest to Him.

And remember, not even Our Lady could prevent her Son from suffering. Not even God the Father preserved His Son from all harm.

You are a wonderful Mom, doing a great job. Keep up the good work.